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Concrete Steps

Concrete flooring works in a variety of spaces in the home. It is durable and elegant, and can usually withstand the most challenging and rigorous environments—such as a house full of children and pets. If you have concrete steps in your indoor or outdoor area, you may encounter circumstances in which it is best to replace them. 

Even concrete steps are subject to the natural forces of wear and tear. Like every other material thing, they will begin to weaken and degrade at a certain point. If you see cracks, chipping or pieces missing in your concrete flooring, then you may have a serious problem. These issues can be made even worse if you have not sealed your concrete. In many instances, you will not have the option of repairing the steps. You will need to replace them.

Here are some indications that it may be time for new concrete steps:

1. The age of the steps

Concrete is a resilient material. However, it still has an expiration date. If your steps are more than 25 years old, then it is time to replace the concrete. Trying to patch it up with repair work will only delay the inevitable. It can also present a serious safety hazard. Concrete steps can weaken to the point of catastrophic failure.

2. Serious cracks

Perhaps the most obvious sign of worn-out concrete is the presence of serious cracks. It is possible to resolve small surface cracks with minor repair work. But if the crack is long, wide, and affects the sub grade, then you will probably need to replace it. If you do not, water will get into the crack, deteriorate the foundation of your concrete, and cause even more problems.

3. Different flooring

If you are planning to install hardwood or tile on top of your concrete steps, you may need to replace the old concrete with new material. The surface must be level, and you cannot be sure that your old concrete is without bumps, depressions, cracks, and other discrepancies that will ruin the new job.

4. Sinking concrete

If you notice that the concrete on your steps is sinking, it is a sign that the sub grade was probably not installed properly. It is better to fix this problem sooner rather than later.

You should hire an experienced professional to assess the condition of your concrete steps and carry out the work needed to replace them.