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Replacing a driveway is serious project. However, you may need to undertake such a job if you want to increase the value of your home or plan to sell your home in the near future. The material condition of a driveway can influence the kind of offers you get for your home. Most people take a great deal of pride in the appearance of their driveway. For others, the issue is more practical. A driveway that is in bad shape can cause wear and tear on vehicles that must drive over it. 

How Long Does a Driveway Last?

A concrete driveway can last 30 years if it is well looked after. Concrete driveways that are in places that receive a great deal of ice and snow break down sooner, lasting no more than 20 years. An asphalt driveway lasts between 15 to 20 years. 

The Signs That Your Driveway Needs Replacement

Here are some of the signs that your driveway has had it and needs to be replaced: 

1. Serious cracks

If the cracks in your driveway are more than a quarter of an inch wide, it is too late for a repair. You need a new driveway. And you should have the job done sooner rather than later before the cracks become deeper and wider.

2. Sunken areas

If the driveway outside of your garage has sunk lower than your garage floor, you should have it replaced. This is the best way to make things level.

3. Faded color

All driveways will fade over time. However, there comes a point at which it is better to resurface or replace the driveway rather than try to patch it up. Doing the latter may actually make things worse.

4. Crumbling edges

If the sides of your asphalt driveway have fallen to pieces, then you should think about having a new driveway installed. It may be too late to have them repaired.

Repair or Replace?

It may be less expensive and less disruptive to repair rather than replace your driveway. However, this is not always the best option. If the damage to your driveway covers less than 50% of the surface, then it may be possible to repair it. If the driveway shows signs of major cracks, potholes, and other fundamental structural damage, the best move is to replace it.

This kind of work is best undertaken by experienced professionals. It is the best way to get a driveway that is material solid and aesthetically pleasing.