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Garage Floor Concrete

Garage Floor Concrete

You are willing to put the work and investment into your home to increase its beauty and value. It is sometimes hard to tell when you are making a good investment and when you are being extravagant. Deciding whether to replace a garage floor or repair falls into this category. 

The very environment of a garage puts enormous strain on a garage floor. It must hold the weight of your vehicle, endure regular vehicle and foot traffic, and it is constantly exposed to liquids and materials that can damage and degrade concrete. Temperature fluctuations between winter and summer also put stress on your garage floor. And if you live in a cold climate, the ice and snow will strain the surface to the breaking point. The negative impact of such stressors can put your concrete garage floor in an irreparable state. It can force your hand when it comes to deciding on replacement.

Problems with your garage floor may also stem from poor installation. Home builders are known to cut corners. The people who built your garage may have done the following this improperly: 


-Dug the garage floor sub base to an incorrect depth


-Used improper concrete mix or low-quality cement


-Placed the expansion joints in the improper locations


-Graded the garage floor incorrectly


These are some of the explicit signs of problems with your garage floor:

1. Cracks

Cracks in your garage floor are an early warning sign that you may need to replace your floor. The severity of the cracks will dictate the best course of action.

2. Sinking

If your floor is beginning to sink, this could be a sign that the foundations are not secure or are beginning to rot. This is a serious problem. It is the kind of issue that cannot be repaired. You must replace the floor and re-establish its foundations.

3. Improper drainage

Poor water drainage can cause cracks in your floor. It can also lead to significant structural damage beneath your garage and your home. The accumulation of standing water over a long period of time can lead to the degradation of your garage floor.

Before you make any final decision on your concrete garage flooring, you should have an expert come out and assess it. Only someone with the right expertise and experience can advise you on the best move to make. The same person can also lead the crew that does the work of actually replacing your garage floor.