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Parking Lots

If you own or manage a commercial building, then you must contend with the material condition of its parking lot. The latter receive an inordinate amount of traffic from cars, delivery trucks, bikes, and pedestrians. As with all other material things, parking lots are subject to wear and tear. They begin to degrade after a while. Most commercial parking lots are made of tough and highly durable materials that give them a lifespan of up to fifteen years. If your building is an exceptionally cold area of the country, the parking lot may wear down sooner. Extreme cold has the effect of breaking down and cracking even the hardest materials. 

If you purchased a building rather than having one built from the ground, the parking lot that came with it has probably already seen a great deal of action. You may need to replace it. It is much more cost-effective to replace a parking lot that is in very poor condition than repair it. There may simply be too many discrepancies to deal with; and in the end, the total cost for a major haul may be more expensive than having a new parking lot laid down. A new parking lot will also improve the aesthetics of the building. This is something that the occupants and those who visit them will certainly appreciate. 

Here are a couple of signs that it is time to replace your parking lot: 

1. Cracks

These form in asphalt and concrete parking lot surfaces. Their severity can be increased with the spillage of chemicals into them. Cracks that are allowed to sit for some time will become worse, especially during the winter months when the water that collects inside them freezes and expands the crack. Cracks that are long, wide, and deep indicate serious damage. They are signs that it is time to replace your parking lot.

2. Potholes

Potholes are usually associated with poorly kept residential streets, but they can form in the parking lots of commercial buildings as well. When potholes form, water seeps through asphalt, which leads to an expansion and contraction of the material. Over time, this will weaken the pavement. And when vehicles drive over it, a pothole will form. The presence of large and numerous potholes in your parking lot is a sign that you must replace rather than repair.

To get your parking lot replacement properly done, you should turn to experience professionals. You should not take chances with this kind of job.