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Pole Burns

Many farmers, ranchers, and others in the agricultural sector have taken to the new architectural trend known as the pole barn or pole building. This large structure has no basement and contains a high ceiling and wide-open spaces. Highly engineered and prefabricated laminated posts are used as frames in the building. A pole barn can be used as a garage, workshop, storefront, horse stable, event center, or main residence. 

If you built pole barns on your property or inherited them with a property you purchased, then you are aware of their usefulness and durability. But even pole barns are subject to natural forces that wear them down. When this happens, you must take action. It is not always possible to repair a pole barn. If the damage or material degradation is serious enough, you may have to replace it. 

Here are some of the signs that it is time for a new pole barn: 

1. Columns are rotting

Wooden columns are vulnerable to rot and termites. The latter are vicious little critters that can quickly infect and destroy your structure. If the wood starts to crumble, it is time to replace the pole barn.

2. Roof purlins or trusses are water damaged

You must take a hard look at the state of your roof purlin and trusses. If you see signs of decay, the presence of water stains, discoloration, or black markings, then it is time to replace the entire structure. If you do not, your pole barn will soon spring a leak in the roof, which will lead to even more problems for your business.

3. Problems with truss connection points

At certain points in the truss, the lumber should be linked to heavy-duty steel plates. You should constantly assess these joints. If at some point, a gusset plate is missing or you see that the joints pull away from each other, then it may be time to replace the pole barn. Indeed, if you spot any such damage, there is a good chance that the structural integrity of the pole bard has been compromised by weather.

If you need a new pole barn, then you should hire contractors who know how to build them. You need people who are familiar with the kind of material that are used to make pole barns and can bring their knowledge and skill to bear on the project. It is essential that you work only with qualified individuals.