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Retaining Wall

If you live in a rural or residential area, a retaining wall may run adjacent to your property. They are rigid walls used to support soil laterally. They are designed to restrain soil to the direction it would naturally go in. Retaining walls tend to be made of sturdy and highly resilient materials. However, it is not invulnerable. It is subject to the natural forces of wear and tear. There are other causes that can lead to the damage or degradation of retaining walls. In some instances, it is better to replace the wall than repair it. 

Here are some of the things that can cause irreparable damage to the retaining walls: 

1. Material failure

This is a common problem with such walls. It is especially common in areas that receive a great deal of rain. Constant exposure to moisture in the soil can damage the wood in the foundations of the wall.

2. Root damage

If the retaining walls are near trees or plants with aggressive roots, there can be problems. As these roots expand, they grow into the foundation and crevices of the wall. This can eventually lead to cracks in the structure.

3. Poor drainage

Retaining walls are extremely susceptible to water damage. If water is not drained from the wall properly, it can filter into the stonework of the retaining wall. This moisture can break down the material structure of the wall. Eventually, it will begin to crumble and fall apart.


Poor drainage can also make the soil heavier. The added weight can also strain the retaining wall.

4. Structural problems

The retaining walls that have been erected in your neighborhood may have been badly built. If it is without reinforcement or a proper foundation and footing, the wall will be more vulnerable to cracking and even catastrophic failure.


Any of the above problems can compel you to replace rather than repair your retaining wall. However, you should not make any moves in this direction until you have consulted with an experienced professional. You need an expert to make a full assessment of the wall before you make your final decision.


It is also important to hire an expert crew to carry out the job. The replacement of your retaining wall is a major project. It is not something that you should embark on lightly. It is vital that people with the right qualifications do the work to replace your retaining wall.